Current Projects

Hopefully Coming Soon:

Double Exposure 

Self-conscious, lonely for love in a new city and fascinated by violent crime – twenty two year-old Sam Daley is enamoured when she meets Jasmine Baker while they are both gate-crashing a stranger’s funeral. Jasmine is confident, mysterious and everything that Sam wishes she could be.

The two become entangled as they team up to investigate the disappearance of Louisa Stuart. Louisa is the latest in a series of women obsessed with violent crime to vanish. Sam is desperate to prove her innocence as all of the evidence begins to suggest she is the killer, while Jasmine is increasingly convinced that she is being hunted by a stranger with uncanny knowledge of Louisa’s fate.

Sam soon finds herself struggling between her desire to save Louisa, her feelings for Jasmine, and staying alive when Jasmine’s demons close in on then all.

The Forever Girl (WIP)

A Middle Grade fantasy-adventure novel following 11 year-old Maeve Millington.  After the death of her dad,  Maeve would do anything to make the clock stop and watch time go back to when life was perfect.  Yet, when a strange girl crashes in through the bedroom window and Maeve loses the next thirteen hours of her life in the space of a minute, all time forever might just be running out. Only Maeve can help her new friend to save the world.

Read the first chapter, here.

The God Key (WIP)

Archangel, telepathic super-hero, enlists the reluctant help of Isaac Morton, his ex lover with the ability to magnify the power of anyone he touches, in order to defeat the Dream Weaver who threatens the fate of the world. Somehow, that’s the simple part.

Read the first chapter here

Moonlight Drowning (WIP)

A dark magical realism-romance novel, set in a fantasy version of Hanko, Finland.
Wolves, fairies, woods and witches. The Lady of Light is always hungry.

X Marks The Spot. (WIP)

A Thriller Romance Novel.
Read the opening scene, here.