Blood Diamonds

The heiress placed the jeweled necklace around the thief’s neck, the carat gold rings clunky on her fingers, the sapphire bracelet snapped around the thief’s slender wrist until she was all but weighed down with jewelry.

The thief swallowed hard, eyeing the poolside. The water was turquoise in the soft light, the air warm. And deep. The water was deep and the thief’s body heavy now with expense. Enough riches to drown in. Enough riches to weigh a thief down like the stones tied to a witch.

“Please-” she tried. “You don’t understand.”

The heiress flashed a ruby smile, a diamond-hard expression. “Oh, sweetheart. I understand. And you almost had me too.”

Her hand smoothed along the thief’s jaw, brushing her long hair back to hook thick emerald earrings so large and ostentatious that they made her head droop.

The tainted champagne glinted gold under the soft light.

The heiress leaned in. “I understand,” she said again, brushing their lips together. “This is what you really wanted from me, isn’t it? All this time? Steal my heart, and steal my fortune.”

“No- that’s not-” Well, it was, but then-

“Don’t worry,” the heiress murmured. “You’re going to die rich.”


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