13 Villainous Prompts

  1. “You used me.”
    “I prefer the term symbiotic. Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy being special.”
    Somehow, the assumption that I could never be special otherwise stung more than the betrayal did.

  2. “Forgiveness? I don’t want your forgiveness – I want fire and brimstone and let hell rain down upon me.”

    “It’s not about what you want.”

    “You don’t get to forgive me,” the villain spat. “We’re not done yet.”

  3. They loved dangerous things. Take a monster, humble it and arrange its teeth in a smile, make it pretty, make it sweet – there’s no greater power in the world. After all, it is only the dangerous creatures which need to be tamed.

  4.  I loved you with the sweetness of something rotting.

  5. “Did you really think you could beat me?” The villain laughed, shaking their head. “Oh, that’s cute. You’re adorable.”

    “So are you but you don’t see me flirting at a time like this!”
    They both froze and stared at each other.

  6. “I loved you, once.”
    “You still do, it’s why you fight me so hard. You don’t care about them. But god,” the villain leaned in close. “You will never forgive yourself for not seeing this coming.”

  7. “Dearest. Darling. Sweetheart,” the protagonist flatly recited the list of endearments the antagonist was most likely to wield in their conversations. “You’re play acting at intimacy again. God, it must be desperately lonely being you.”

    “Oh, love. I’m not the one play acting at anything – if I wanted to be intimate with you, baby, I’d bother to learn your name.”

  8. “You think me a monster, perhaps you’re right.” The villain studied the hero almost clinically as they gasped desperately for air. “But at least I am what I am. You would tear yourself into a hundred pieces if that would make them love you, but don’t you see?” In an instant, they’d stepped close, cradling the hero’s jaw. “You’re never going to be enough for them. They want an angel who will save them all and you are only human.”

  9.  “So protective…” the villain murmured. “You were never so protective over me.”

    “You never needed anyone to protect you!”

    The look on the villain’s face stopped them dead.

  10. “You saved my life.”

    “And you thought that was mercy? Oh, darling…” the words were as soft as a lover’s caress and the smile as cruel as the twist of a knife.

  11. “I could have given you the whole world.”

    “I didn’t want the world – I just wanted you. Don’t you get that?”

  12. “You don’t have to do this, please,” the hero said.
    “Ah, but when would we ever spend time with each otherwise? I think I’d miss you too much.”
    “You can’t be serious.”
    “You’ll never know.”

  13.  “I need you alive,” the antagonist said. “I don’t need that idealistic, defiant head of yours in working order.” A sharp nail caressed soft lips, catching hold of the other’s tongue when they opened their mouth to reply. “I don’t need to spare your friends. I don’t need to give you nice things. You would do well to remember that.”Their hand drew back.

    The protagonist spoke as they neared the door.

    “Maybe once…but I don’t think you’re convincing either of us anymore. No…” they followed, stalked, after their enemy. “You don’t need me coherent, you don’t need to make my life comfortable, or spare my friends. But here we are. Know why?” They reached out a hand to brush the antagonist’s hair out of their face. “Because you, my sweet thing, love my mind. Or should I change it just to you love me?”

    “You’re deluded.”
    “We are what we made of each other. You would do well to remember that next time you try to play wolf with me. You need me alive and I…” the protagonist sighed and pressed a sweet kiss to the other’s lips. “Well, I’m afraid I don’t really need you at all.”


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